We love to hear from community-minded individuals who want to serve our teens in their mission! Here are some ways you can volunteer to help with Healthy Teens:

  • Mentor a Young Adult Leader – got time to give each month to help a young person on our program figure out the career path? Every Young Adult Leader (aged over 18) gets paired with a career mentor for one year. The commitment is flexible but we’d expect you to be able to meet with your mentee at least once a month.
  • Help train our teens! Do you love helping young people grow and develop? We are always looking for individuals with skills, expertise and above all passion for young people to provide their time to train our team. We are particularly looking for individuals with skills in leadership, teamwork, communication and presenting, as well as expertise in specific youth health issues.
  • Represent Healthy Teens at an event! We are always being invited to participate in community events, and having dedicated adults to help manage our involvement in those events is always welcome
  • Feed our teens! Whenever we train or meet with our teens, we love to feed them and have time getting to know them better. If you would like to donate individual non-perishable items such as bottles of water, chips etc, please let us know. We’d also love to connect with restaurants or food businesses who would like to cater for our regular meetings!
  • Sponsor a Healthy Teens event – if you would like to discuss corporate sponsorship for Healthy Teens (at community or fundraising events), please contact our Executive Director Jonathan Evans.

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