Healthy Teens Coalition Receives Grant From Selby Foundation ​

Currently, 23 Teen Health Educators are providing critical services to local adolescents; the 8-week Teen Health Educator Training Program is slated for spring 2021 and will be held virtually. Virtual presentations and mentoring activities are currently taking place.  We hope to re-initiate actual in-person presentations and mentoring activities this summer. 

With the gracious support of the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation COVID-19 grant, this program was able to purchase iPads that will be used for training the incoming Teen Health Educators, for virtual peer mentoring activities, and virtual presentations at various sites such as the Boys & Girls Club, Family Resources SafePlace2B, etc. Other technologies will also be used to increase the organization’s capacity to develop a secure portal within the organization’s website, as well as to create and disseminate social media campaigns.

We’d like to thank the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation members for their kind and generous donation, which helps us to increase the impact that we have in our community.



Healthy Teens is dedicated to empowering youth to make positive, healthy decisions.

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