Applications are open!

By Jake Hanson, Young Adult Leader

None of the work that we do during the year would be possible without the work of our Teen Health Educators, and we want more of you to join us! Our applications for the Teen Health Educator Program 2021-2022 school year are officially open. The program trains and equips high-school students (including rising freshmen) to become peer-educators on health topics and issues affecting their community.

If you are in high school and are someone who cares about your community and the people living there; loves learning about new topics ranging from mental health, drug and alcohol use, teen pregnancy prevention and contraception, to personal leadership and anger management; and you want to participate in a nationally recognized program, then we highly encourage you to apply today!

You’ll receive full training and a hands-on experience working in the community that’s hard to find anywhere else, as well as a fantastic network of friends and professionals in the community to work with. We try to make our recruitment process as easy and efficient as possible because we know that our volunteers are some of the most involved and committed youth in the community, so let this serve as a guide to help you fill out your application today!

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is to head over to the Teen Health Educator tab above. Here you’ll find our recruitment flyer with more info on the program, including eligibility requirements, plus options to apply online (“Electronic Application”) or via a form you can download and print out – it’s that easy!

Check out the rest of the website for more information about what we do as a non-profit organization and how our Teen Health Educators benefit from experience in the program.

We can’t wait to see your application and hope to see you soon!



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